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Summer Workshop for Teachers (SWCT) in China
A collaboration to promote
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Interactive Classrooms

Download full report: Fall 2014 SWCT report(1251 KB)

The SVHE sent a team of four teachers in 2011 and a team of six in 2012 to China. The first group was hosted by Ningbo University, Beijing Normal University, and University of International Business and Economics (UIBE in Beijing). In 2012, the group went to Beijing Foreign Studies University (Beiwai) and returned to both Ningbo University and UIBE for an encore.

With expert and generous help from Professor Dafu Yang, Director of West China Center for Faculty Development (西部外语教师发展中) and an Honorary SVHE Fellow, the third SWCT of eight Fellows will be hosted by Guangdong University of Business Studies, the Foreign Languages College of Hubei University, the Foreign Languages College of Shanghai Normal University, and Xian International Studies University.

The collaboration between SVHE and its Chinese host means:

• The SVHE team is responsible for providing expertise, written materials/posters, and intercontinental travel to China at no cost to the host while

• The university is responsible for providing campus organization and publicity to attract participants, intra-city transportation, hotel rooms, meals, and meeting facilities (including audio-video and printed matter capabilities). 

 For more information, contact Cathy Bao Bean, Chair of the Society for Values in Higher Education, at