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Beginning in 1990, the Society for Values in Higher Education (SVHE) began to offer an annual week-long teaching workshop for university and college faculty in conjunction with the Society’s annual meeting/conference.  Originally designed for individuals in their first or second year of teaching, the workshop has evolved so that it now addresses fundamental pedagogical and values issues for faculty members at any point in their careers.

One special feature of the workshop, designed for 15-21 participants, is that teams of several faculty from each institution are encouraged to view teaching problems and opportunities within an institutional context. Thus reflection and practice in syllabus design, teaching philosophies, microteaching assessment, and course structure are viewed also within the framework of institutional policies and values.  Such broader perspectives are further encouraged because the workshop is held in conjunction with SVHE’s annual meeting/conference (July 23-27), enabling participants to attend key sessions on the critical overall theme of religion and public life.

During its 16 years, SWCT participants evaluate quite positively their workshop experience – appreciation for comments by peer consultants, emphasis on values and ethical concerns in teaching, and effectiveness of workshop leaders.

Beginning in 2011, SVHE took  the SWCT program on the road to China as part of our Summer Workshop for College Teachers in China to collaborate withe Chinese Universities to promote intercultural competence, critical and creative thinking and development if interactive classrooms.  To learn more about SWCT in China click here.