Special Interest Groups 2017

Fellows Meeting 2017 Special Interest Groups

Poetry Circle
Lynore Banchoff – Lynoreb@sbcglobal.net
All are welcome to participate in this group: writers, readers, listeners, singers.  Humor and creativity are welcome. Come be with this circle that has been a part of the meeting for twenty years.

God Wrestling
Carol Ochs – cochs@earthlink.net
Godwrestling will continue and we will focus on why the Creation Story (Genesis 1 and 2) is so central to our self-understanding and why the earliest heresies (centuries before Darwin) focused on alternative ways of understanding Creation

Women’s Group
The Women’s group provides all women with a confidential space to share concerns and offer support. Practical advice is a frequent component! Though we are only scheduled for one formal meeting, we hope to find time to meet informally throughout the conference.

The LGBTQI interest group is self-directed and open to all including allies, those questioning their own identities, or curious to know more about these lenses on life. The group that assembles will develop its own agenda.

Over the years, SVHE has had many, varied special interest groups that have convened, or not, depending on interest and leadership. Please contact the office if you would like to revive or start an interest group.