Democracy Project

A deliberative democracy engages citizens, encourages participation and collective action, and leads to meaningful, sustainable change. The application of deliberative democracy in higher education has occurred simultaneously with the national movement to support democratic education, a movement that connects a number of educational goals… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Educating for Economic Justice

During the next two years, the Society for Values in Higher Education will seek to foster a conversation about these issues among faculty and across campuses. In particular, SVHE will: Focus its 2013 annual meeting at the University of Denver on the issue of debt; Fund a Reading for the Common Good project; Focus its 2014 annual meeting on the issue of economic inequality… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Institute on Religion in Curriculum and Culture of Higher Education

With support from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, SVHE is to develop model programs to address religious illiteracy. To date, ten campuses were selected, each consisting of a team of 3 faculty and 1 student, with the goal of developing curricular and/or co-curricular programs related to issues of religion and public life to be implemented and assessed during the 2008-2009 academic year and afterward widely distributed by means of a monograph summarizing the results…. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Summer Workshop for College Teachers (SWCT)

Beginning in 1990, the Society for Values in Higher Education (SVHE) began to offer an annual week-long teaching workshop for university and college faculty in conjunction with the Society’s annual meeting/conference. Originally designed for individuals in their first or second year of teaching, the workshop has evolved so that it now addresses fundamental pedagogical and values issues for faculty members at any point in their careers… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Wingspread Declaration on Religion and Public Life: Engaging Higher Education

Engaging Higher Education, was to discuss the growing awareness of and concern over the intersection between religion and public life and to define the role that higher education must play in response to those concerns. In an animated and sometimes difficult conversation, conference participants narrowed and defined the areas of focus. At the end of the gathering, participants agreed that the points of concern raised at the Wingspread conference call for study, dialogue, critique, and action… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE