Request for Participation

Society for the Future of Higher Education

100th Annual Conference

Equity and Community: From Theory to Practice

July 10th-14th, 2024
La Roche University
Pittsburgh, PA

Registration will begin in Spring 2024

Request for Participation:
Philosophically, the concept of equity ensures that each person is able to receive what they need to meet their full potential. However, the intersection of equity and community is deeply complex, posing unique challenges to those navigating the transition from theory to practice. The SFHE programming committee invites participation from graduate students, faculty, staff, and practitioners to investigate this theme and add to the body of knowledge related to this topic. You are invited to explore the nexus of equity and community, why it matters, and offer solutions for improving the application of theory to daily practice for higher education institutions and communities. Participation related to the conference theme can take the form of:

  • a research paper (20-minute presentation about scholarly research)
  • a presentation (10-15-minute TED talk style presentation)
  • an exploratory group (An exploratory group is an opportunity for a team of individuals to explore, examine, debate, and discuss justice issues with the goal of applicable outcomes. This option is malleable and adaptable. Our goal is to broaden opportunities for participants to shape the conference to their needs. Feel free to reach out to the SFHE planning committee to discuss options for exploratory groups.)
  • poetry, short film, and performing arts
  • roundtable discussion – (discussion sessions based on areas of practice)

Your proposal may explore any of the topics listed below, and more:

  • Your proposal may explore any of the topics listed below, and more:
  • equitable practice in higher education
  • community based learning
  • evidence-based research
  • emerging best practices
  • equitable and inclusive teaching
  • renaming or reshaping of diversity, equity, and inclusion offices; multicultural education

Submit your proposal of approximately 250 words or a one-minute video detailing the idea or initiative that the individual or team is developing.

Participants will have the opportunity for feedback.

Two submissions will be selected for the Robert A. Spivey Excellence in Scholarship Award, which will include a $300 prize.

Participation Proposal deadline: May 15, 2024
Contact Vivienne Felix: * * 270-745-2907